Kimmie Flies

Hi!!! I’m Kimberly, AKA @KimmieFlies! I am an International flight attendant, travel blogger and photographer! Wanderlust runs deep in my blood as my parents started traveling with me around the world when I was just three months old! I grew up with a love for discovering, exploring, and experiencing new things both in my backyard and around the globe. In 2004 I studied abroad in Italy and began my solo traveling journey. I studied photography and travel writing while living in Sicily, and always had a goal of being a published travel writer.

After graduating from UCSB in 2006 I moved back to Italy, and enjoyed many Italian adventures while living in Tuscany and Rome. In February 2007 I became a flight attendant for a major international airline and have been enjoying the jet setting life since then. I married a handsome Italian from Rome, and we are passionate about exploring this big beautiful world together. We try to get out of town once a month, and end up spending about 12 weeks a year traveling wether visiting family in Italy or discovering new destinations.

I love to share my travel experiences, tips and tricks I learn along the way to help YOU have an incredible trip! Traveling can be overwhelming and stressful, but I find it so helpful to get tips and itineraries from others that have been there before me. I hope I will inspire you to hop on a plane, jump in the car, and start exploring! It is, after all, a small world.

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